Holidays 2018

From the monthly #DesignInTech Briefing’s “Two Unsolicited Non-Tech Products That I <3” regular section, this is a 2018 compendium of items I’ve featured there.

Wall Hangables

  • Plywerk‘s bamboo-mounted photos are sturdy, simple and come in many sizes. 
  • Moo cards options keep getting better. As online printers go, they totally rock.

Utility Items

  • 3M picture hanging strips use biomimicry cues from the gecko and bring alien wonder. 
  • Commercial Electric 4-ft LED shop lights are the affordable way to light a green screen. 
  • 3M Bumpon dots are the perfect way to subtly turn your sleek modern gadgets into ones that don’t fall off of the table.

Eat Me

  • Regional Kit Kat bars from Japan teach design in Emmy Cho’s new series.
  • Tea Forté is a tea experience that instills bemusement and taste-tea wonder.
  • Shattell chocolate from Peru has the most distinctive cacao flavor I’ve ever experienced.
  • Ito-en instant Matcha (Japanese tea) that doesn’t need a bamboo whisk.
  • Atlas bars are high protein, low carb time savers — chocolate is my fav. 

Go Covet

Popcorn Time

  • Black Panther is my 82-year old mother’s favorite Marvel movie — she rates it way higher than the recent Avengers film. 
  • Arrival as directed by Villeneuve can be enjoyed in any scenic order. 

Happy holidays, and I hope someone out there enjoys one or more of the items above! —JM

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